The snake island

This is located 90 miles north of Sao Paulo in the Brazilian state of Brazil. Snake island is a place that popular for tourist attraction. It covers an area of 110 acres and is adorned with tropical, subtropics, wetlands, rivers, lakes, and huge trees. It is decorated with small animals as well as beautiful birds and colorful Flowers. However, this is one of the most dangerous tourist destinations in the world, because of the dangerous animals that live here. Many people in here are mostly harassed by the animals and the animals in here are also harassed many times. Due to environmental pollution as well as deforestation, tourist restrictions have been imposed, and certain places are prohibited to visit.

The nearest coastal location to the island is Kubanskyi Island on the Ukrainian part of the Danube Delta, In addition, the Bystroe Channel and Skhidnyi Channel are located at a distance of 35KM, and the closest Romanian coastal city, Sulina, is 45 km away.

There is a small population on the island, About 100 inhabitants live on the island. This small group of people helps to protect the island’s borders. Development of military rule to protect the island, the construction of the helicopter platform, and the construction of a new harbor began in 2002, and the island is supplied with navigation equipment, including a 150-year-old lighthouse. The island-wide distribution of electricity is done by a solar power plant. The island is also available infrastructures such as the marine research station, a post office, a bank, the first-aid station, a satellite television provider, a phone network, a cell phone tower, and an Internet link.

History of The snake island

The Snake Island Lighthouse was built in the autumn of 1842 by the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Empire, and the lighthouse is 12 meters high and is an octagonal-shaped building, and the lighthouse built on the site of the previously destroyed temple. The building was destroyed during World War I and was later rebuilt. The lighthouse was heavily damaged during World War II by Soviet aviation forces and German forces. It was renovated in 1949 and established as the Black Sea Fleet. It was reformed from time to time until the 21st century, which in August 2004, the lighthouse was equipped with a radio beacon.

The island was originally known as Alba by Romans because marble could be found on the island. According to Dionysius Periegetes, it was called Leuke, because the serpents there were white. There is a sacred shrine in this area and many offerings are held there. Several ancient inscriptions were found on the island, including a 4th-century BC Olbiopolitan decree. There are many myths and legends about the ancients who lived on this island.

It has been made illegal in Brazil to visit this mysterious island because there are scary animals and snakes to set foot on. The animals that wound up isolated on Snake Island evolved differently from those on the mainland over the course of millennia. When the sea level rose 10,000 years ago, it was separated the landmass and turned it into an island. The danger on the island comes in the form of the golden lancehead snakes, Anyone can be biting by his poison and die in a short time. Since the island vipers had no prey but birds, they evolved to have extra potent venom so that they could almost immediately kill any bird.

Who is the golden lancehead snake?

The snake island

The golden lancehead snake is a species of snake native to Queimade Grande Island(Snake Island). No matter how special the snake is on this island, golden snakes have a special place because the snake is attractive to the human mind, difficult to find, and highly venomous. Golden got its name because of its pale yellow and brown body color. When in captivity, their yellowish color often becomes darker.

The golden snake usually seeks refuge in moist areas or in rock crevices or tree holes. His average length is about 28 inches and rarely more than 46 inches. The snake’s color pattern consists of a series of triangular or quadrangular blotches. His abdomen is creamy and pale yellow, and they lack a well-defined postorbital stripe. . Like all snakes, his body is elongated and slender.

According to various researchers, there is a 10% probability of death after being bitten by a snake. Some people die in a short period of time after being bitten. After he is bitten some symptoms appear on the body. Among them being paralysis takes a major position. The snake has a long history, among that history, there are the families of those who were bitten to death. It is a beautiful snake. Snakes easily get the love of humans. However, he is not a pet.

People with high blood pressure often use Capitol to protect their lives. According to various research in the world, 40 million people are suffered from this disease. Snake venom use as a treatment for this disease. This snake is that much important. It is used as an emergency treatment as it is highly toxic and is absorbed very quickly. Therefore these snakes are endangered.

These snakes often prey on lizards and large birds. Small pups become prey of their own kind. They coexist with their sibling as they can’t immigration to this island. As a result that many animals live in isolation. These animals are threatened by humans because of their venom. This is one of the reasons why these snakes are so rare. The government has taken steps to conserve these animals.

Golden lancehead snake has great demand in the black market. The richer who collect animals are paying close attention to this species. That is one of its specialties. many doctors buy these snakes at a very high price. Animal racketeers make great havoc on this island Because one snake is worth about $30,000. The increase in poaching of these animals was due to the mitigation of laws by the government. Male snakes are more beautiful than female snakes. Therefore most males are hunted. This affects animal growth. However, due to the shortage of females in later years, the most expensive animals were named females. However, the government has taken steps to conserve these snakes.

With the growth of the plantation industry in the past, their habitats were destroyed. To escape from these snakes people were tempted to set fire in the forest. Banana was widely used as a crop and this was the biggest environmental impact. Because of this reason many snakes have died. However, the government has taken many steps against these threats. The lighthouse is considered to be one of the main factors on the island. Therefore exposing the surrounding area also causes the destruction of these snakes. Even snakes get into trouble when they find water.

Many steps have been taken to save these snakes. In the meantime, banning deforestation is a major step. The government has also taken steps to protect by implementing tourism restrictions, poaching laws, and artificial insemination of snakes. Steps also have been taken to conserve it by restricting scientific research and replanting.


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